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Back in the saddle again…

Photo by Cleve Nash 8:19 AM, 4 January 2013 First observation of copulation this year. This is the start of her twelfth season. More to come. Happy trails, Bob

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“Doris” landing…

Photo by Steve Medway We would like to share with you a photograph from a visitor to “the Rock” who was birding around the beautiful Central Coast and happened upon “Doris,” the migrating female peregrine falcon, home unknown. She winters … Continue reading

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Rolling stock revival…

Photo by Cleve Nash For some time now my friend and associate, Cleve Nash, and I have been making small snide remarks, not in public of course about the south side tiercel and how much of a wuss he has … Continue reading

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Touch and go…

Photo by Cleve Nash I think I have mentioned several times before that the peregrines begin their mating in December. Well, this is December and “The dew is on the punkin’.” And early this morning the tiercel made his first … Continue reading

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A seed planted…

Andrew Photo by Heather O’Connor A young “Bay Area” birder came by today, opened the back of the family van and pulled out a tripod and spotting scope. I barely recognized the hat he was wearing through all the buttons … Continue reading

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Bob with the Tey Family

Photo by Heather O’Connor

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A visitor writes about us…

Yesterday, we received an email from one of our many visitors to the Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch at Morro Rock, Morro Bay, California, USA! We were so happy that he wrote about Bob Isenberg who has for years dedicated his … Continue reading

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Things are not always what they seem to be…

Photo by Bob Isenberg With the holidays coming, we have had many people visiting the rock in Morro Bay. The falcons are not disappointing many of them. They are going through pre-courtship, sitting closer and closer together and vocalizing as … Continue reading

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Plastic “Pete, the Peregrine!”

Photo by Bob Isenberg

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Alive and kicking…

Photo by Heather O’Connor The Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch is still alive and kicking, although we’ve had some slow days. So we took off on a one day road trip to check on some of the old peregrine nest sites … Continue reading

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