3. Observation

Continual attention to detail and behavior of birds is the way one can find out the true nature of these peregrines. One must be willing to spend time and love the out-of-doors. Peregrines are on their own schedule or we could call it “bird time.” Randomness seems to be the standard until one sees a behavior repeated continually.

The peregrine’s sleek form allows for its ability to fly at over 240 mph in a stoop.

The Pacific Coast peregrine Watch is here to collect data through observation. Hours of observation is done to validate, expand or correct facts that have been previously collected. For years at Morro Rock State Preserve, Morro Bay, CA, Bob Isenberg is one of the more ardent observers to continually view these peregrines while including observations from extended areas along the California coast. He has continually shared his wealth of knowledge on peregrines with thousands of visitors from around the world. He aims to pass on to you the information that he collects.


It is a handsome bird with a blue-gray back, horizontally barred white underparts and distinctively marked black head with “mustache” found on the cheeks above its white neck & throat. Juveniles are dark brown with a rust colored underwings and breast having dark vertical streaking.


On the California coast, peregrines are seen perching on and inhabiting holes on rocky cliff faces. Being the most widespread bird of prey, they may be found from the Arctic tundra to the tropics, down to Tierra del Fuego, South Africa and Australia. Peregrines in colder climes will migrate often intruding on and irritating the local peregrines who will defend their territory immediately.

4 Responses to 3. Observation

  1. susheel jones says:

    I enjoyed reading the artical so much, and loved the pictures. Thanks for so much information about the peregrines. Makes me want to come to this spot to see them. Thank you.
    Susheel Jones

  2. susheel jones says:

    I loved reading the artical and looking at the beautiful pictures of the Peregrines. Someday hope to come to this spot. Thank you.
    Susheel Jones

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