Nature’s way…

June 25, 2012  The first of the Heermann’s Gulls arrived at the rock today. They will be around for the next six months. This gull is quite a bit smaller than the Western Gull, and I have on occasion seen the falcons take them down. For most of the year, we have three predominant gulls, Western with pink legs, Heermann’s with black legs, Ring-billed with yellow legs. The falcons are very active in taking down the downy Western Gull chicks, two today in three hours. Cleve Nash and I have been watching one nest site of gulls. On the 22nd of June, there were three young, today the 25th there are two. When I watched them take eleven chicks in five days, I stopped counting. This is real bird control, nature’s way. -Bob

The photo below is by Cleve Nash. Our gratitude to Cleve for these fine photos. His work can be see at

About Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch

We are a 501(c)3 charitable educational organization. We raise scholarship funds for CalPoly students studying biology. The Pacific Coast Peregrine Watch is here to inform birders, students and all people who are eager to know about these handsome peregrines. We want you to enjoy and be able to use our on-site powerful spotting scopes. We are available to answer your questions about the pair of falcons that have been observed for many years.
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  1. Beedie says:

    Interesting about the Heermann’s Gull. I saw my first one today out at the rock. There was only one. What is interesting is their kleptoparasitizing of the Brown Pelicans – stealing food right out of their mouths! Go figure! :O)

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